Mrs. B. – Batavia, IL
Excellent service! My normal Heating and A/C guy could not be reached on a 95 degree day. I called Patrick's and they were at my house within 2 hours of my call. Everyone I spoke with at this company was wonderful. They treated me with respect, had my A/C fixed quickly and charged me a very fair price.
Katie- Aurora, IL
Patrick's has been servicing our heating and air conditioning needs for 10 years. Our first call to them was on a very cold Easter Sunday when our furnace went out and we had a baby only a few weeks old. Roger was very professional and resolved our issues immediately that day. Since then we have used Patrick's for all of our HVAC needs, including annual maintenance. Roger recently installed a new system in our house - new furnace and air conditioner. He took the time to understand our needs and analyze the design of the house, and recommended units that were optimal for our situation. In fact, any time we have maintenance or repair work done, Roger always takes the time to explain everything and ensures we are doing the right things to maintain our systems. Thanks Roger and Theresa for being there when we need you and keeping our house running smoothly!
Satisfied customer – Geneva, IL
In February 2011 our furnace went out on a Saturday. I decided to call one of the largest HVAC companies in Chicago, they advertise everywhere and are well known. They came by and after inspecting the unit told me I needed a new motor and that the cost would be around $800. He didn't have the part on the truck and would come back Monday. I was obviously disappointed at this but wasn't in a position to haggle seeing as though it was 20 degrees outside. After the technician left, I did some research on the internet and found that the part was only about $180!!!! I subsequently called Patrick's and the gentlemen who called me back insisted on coming over that Saturday LATE afternoon to give me a free inspection since he was in the area to ensure the part was indeed needing replacement. I of course told him the story regarding the part and he agreed to take care of me with a reasonable price for his labor. He called me first thing Monday morning as promised from his supply store, and confirmed our agreed upon price and it was fixed by 10am that morning. I ended up saving 100's of dollars because I did my research, but also because Patrick's was honest and fair in dealing with me. Sometimes the "big guys" aren't the best, your local "family" type businesses are a great option.